Sole distributor of Diamond Aircraft and Stemme in the UK and Ireland

Gemstone Aviation sell all the Diamond Aircraft and Stemme range including Special Mission Aircraft built by Diamond and Ecarys. We are all about matching the right aircraft to each owner, based on how you fly. Gemstone Aviation focusses on great customer service. We can broker the sale of your existing aircraft to maximise your capital return and then help you buy the right aircraft based on your needs.

We can manage your new aircraft for you and provide independent advice about finance, registration paperwork, insurance, management and maintenance. As owners, instructors and operators Gemstone Aviation understands your issues, risks and the opportunities to get the best out of your aircraft and have fun. We provide you with unbiased advice at every stage.


Diamond Aircraft

Sole distributors in the UK and Ireland for all Diamond Aircraft


Stemme Aircraft

Sole distributors in the UK and Ireland for all Stemme Aircraft​


Pre-owned Aircraft

Pre-owned Aircraft sales with Gemstone Aviation support


Aircraft Sales

Un-parallelled experience of matching the right aircraft to your needs

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Henrik is Director, Sales and Demonstrations. He has worked with Diamond Aircraft UK for 10 years and has more than 40 years experience in GA and Business Aviation.

Chris is an instructor/ Examiner EASA CRE and Director, Operations and Marketing. He was co-founder of DEA Aviation Ltd which is an AOC operator and has part 145 maintenance of Diamond Aircraft. He has been an owner and pilot of a Diamond Aircraft since 1995.

As part of the Gemstone Aviation total aircraft ownership support we are able to offer all our customers the benefits of our partnership with PistonPower™. The maintenance program is available on all Diamond Aircraft airframe and engines.