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Twin Engine Aircraft

Exclusive to Gemstone Customers

New DA42-VI available for delivery July 2023


Your high-class SUV for the sky. With 7 seats and luxurious leather interior the twin-engine DA62 is the ideal synthesis of space and performance. The DA62 is perfect for families and business travellers and an excellent choice for taxi flights.


Diamond's twin-engine, four-seater aircraft: faster, lighter, unprecedented performance and economy. The sixth generation DA42-VI with stunning looks is an excellent multi-engine trainer and a superbly capable private aircraft, matching elegance with easy and efficient operation.

Exclusive to Gemstone Customers

New DA62 available for delivery

Single Engine Aircraft

Gemstone-Aviation-Diamond Aircraft-DA50-RG

DA50 - Now Launched

The all-carbon fibre DA50 with retractable landing gear has a large luxurious cabin and excellent payload. Ideal for single-piston pilots needing more seats and space or luxury charter operators.


The DA40 NG is a single engine light aircraft, equipped with an AE 300 engine. The comfortable and uncomplicated aircraft is designed especially for aviation beginners and flight schools.

Exclusive to Gemstone Customers

New 2024 DA50RG available for delivery now

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