Glider rental in Europe and Namibia

We have our own self-launching Arcus M glider (registration G-KFFD) available for self-fly rental. During the winter season the glider will be located in Kiripotib, Namibia and during the summer the Arcus M will be based in the UK and France. This allows you to make use of the glider throughout most of the year, optimising the weather and getting the best flying conditions.

About the Arcus M glider G-KFFD

As a sailplane pilot the Arcus M gives you the performance and safety to plan the flights you dream of. From challenging European locations to the flat lands of Africa, the choice is yours. The Arcus M is the ideal platform to put your ideas into practice. The glider can be flown solo or dual. Two pilots can often achieve more than one on their own and you can share the success of a great flight. The Arcus will stretch your horizon and re-define your gliding experience, the performance of a pure glider but with self-launching capability.

Specification of Arcus M, G-KFFD

Factory-nr.197 – Built 1/2019

Approximately 100 landings, 450hrs airframe, 25hrs engine

New Arc: ARC till 26.08.2021


  • Mipa-2K painting
  • Red anti-collision markings
  • MX-14 canopy (heat insulating)
  • Tow-hook in nose and CoG Winch Hook
  • Main-wheel Tost Penta with disk brake
  • Steerable tailwheel
  • Wing-wheels
  • Nose-wheel & nose-skid
  • Instrument panel front small, rear large
  • All controls sealed with Mylar & Teflon (wing)
  • Batteries: 2x 15Ah at rear seat & charger, engine battery
  • Seat belts: Schroth
  • Mounting for 2 oxygen-bottles (10cm diameter)
  • TE-probe: ESA single DN/ST1
  • Main tank & 1 wing tank & refuelling system
  • Engine operation unit front & rear
  • Headsets: 2x Telex Echolon 25XT

Instruments & Equipment:

  • Winter basic instruments 57mm front & rear
  • Radio Becker AR 6201-(022) & controls for rear seat
  • Transponder Trig TT22
  • LX9000PF, LX9000D, V8, I8, LX-Flap, 2x LX Remote
  • 2x Butterfly Square
  • 2x EDS O2D1-2G
  • Electric bug-wipers Pirka-Storka
  • All ground handling equipment, including IMI-carriage on 2 wheels, 2 wing-stands, tie down equipment
  • Clouddancer covers
  • Cobra trailer with alu-top extra long for storage space in front, actual weight fully loaded appr. 1.500kg, max. allowed 1.600kg

Glider available in Europe April to August

Glider available in Namibia September to February

Requirements for pilots:

  1. The pilot in command must hold a valid gliding license, a valid medical and a valid authorisation for starting with a self-launching glider.
  2. Total flying experience of at least 500 hours.
  3. Proof of self-launching on gliders.
  4. If the limits concerning launches and hours are not fulfilled, a briefing is mandatory. In case of doubt a check flight may be required.
  5. To operate in mountain terrain, mountain flying experience with gliders is required.

Pricing for Europe

Flat-rate for at least 7 days rental:
If the rental period is more than 7 days, a fee of €340/day will be charged  (= € 2,380/week), regardless how many days the glider is flown.

Flexi-rate from at least 7 days rental:
If the rental period is 7 days, € 400 / flown day will be charged, minimum of 4 days.

For rental periods of more than 7 days, please refer to the chart below.

  • All prices inclusive of 20% VAT.
  • Engine run time: At an average engine run of more than 10 minutes per day €5.00 per minute.
  • Long-term rental on request.
  • Damage cover option 1:
    €6,000 deposit deductible in case of a damage.
  • Damage cover option 2:
    Payment of  €250 for insurance cover for 7 days, each additional day costs €10 (plus €350 deductible in case of a damage).

Bespoke rental package for Europe

If you are planning to rent the Arcus-M glider from our European bases you may want to consider our flying holiday package. We have an luxury camper van that sleeps 2 and can tow the glider trailer to your flying base. Add in a support package of your choice that could include insurance and technical support. Then you could add our flight support to help you with flight plans, landing permits and access to years of experience should you need advise. Contact us to discuss your bespoke needs. 

Pricing for Namibia

€400 per day for upto 14 days

€350 per day from the 15th day

€310 per day from the 29th day

  • All prices inclusive of tax.
  • Engine run time: At an average engine run of more than10 minutes per day € 5.00 per minute
  • Long-term charter on request
  • Deductible option 1:
    € 6,000 – deposit equals the deductible in case of a damage.
  • Deductible option 2:
    Off payment € 250 (included is an insurance cover for 7 days, each additional day costs € 10 + € 350- deductible in case of a damage)


Chris Dawes

If you would like more details about availability and charter costs of our glider please call Chris, email us or fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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