Gemstone Aviation is the Sole Distributor of Stemme in the UK and Ireland

We fly Stemme Aircraft and know the joy of owning and flying one.  With our unique skills, we can help you achieve your dream of owning a Stemme powered glider.

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Stemme Aircraft

Sky Cruiser S12-SW

Sky Cruiser S12-SW

With its compact 21.7-meter wingspan, the S12-SW provides light-hearted handiness and comfort. It is easier to handle, featuring a higher roll rate in the air and better manoeuvrability​ on the ground. Even where space is limited, the extremely flexible S12-SW opens up new flying horizons.

Stemme S12 Twin Voyager

Twin Voyager S12

The Stemme foldable and variable pitch propeller is installed in the Stemme Twin Voyager S12 and disappears completely into the propeller dome. To start the propeller, the dome slides out and the propeller blades unfold. It takes just 5 seconds to convert from glide mode to engine mode.

Grand Tourer S12-G

Grand Tourer S12-G

The S12-G features state-of-the-art winglets in a modern design for optimised aerodynamics. Out of the box, it comes with AVEO's integrated StarLET Winglet™ solution. The Grand Tourer cvomes equipped with an enahnced Garmin Navigation system.


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