Gemstone Aviation don’t just sell aircraft, we offer a unique Total Aircraft Ownership Support service to all our clients. We can take you through the whole ownership process and offer advice based upon our own experience and that of our clients. Our primary objective is to make sure that you have the right aircraft for your needs. Gemstone will cover all the aspects of ownership and what you want to do with your new aircraft. It’s a major investment and so you can take time to ask us questions based upon our own years of Diamond Aircraft ownership and operation. We can provide demonstration flights in our own aircraft so that you get a real idea of what it’s like to own one of our aircraft. During the decision making process we will help you find the right finance and insurance to fit your needs. Once you take deliver we can provide support and consultancy for maintenance, flight support including; flight planning, aircraft checks, weather data, prior permission requests and risk analysis.

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Diamond Aircraft

Sole distributors in the UK and Ireland for all Diamond Aircraft


Stemme Aircraft

Sole distributors in the UK and Ireland for all Stemme Aircraft​


Pre-owned Aircraft

Pre-owned Aircraft sales with Gemstone Aviation support


Aircraft Sales

Un-parallelled experience of matching the right aircraft to your needs