First impressions of flying the DA50 RG

Join us on a flight with our DA50 RG together with Martin and Micke. Check out how smooth she is to fly and her outstanding stalling behaviour.


(There’s also some fabulous scenery around the DA factory in Austria.)

The Gemstone directors have also tested the new DA50

October 2020, Austria
Gemstone Aviation directors, Henrik Burkal and Chris Dawes, were recently invited to Diamond Aircraft factory in Austria to try out the new DA50RG. This was their first opportunity to get their hands on one and put it through it’s paces.  They weren’t disappointed.

Chris commented after taking the controls. “We’ve flown most of the Diamond range and we both love how they handle. So, with Diamond bringing out a new aircraft, we both naturally had very high expectations. I was very impressed with the ease of handling, performance and comfort of the DA50 RG. It looks fantastic as well !”
Chris (L) & Henrik take possession of their DA50 RG Demonstrator
Henrik added “I really enjoyed flying the DA50 RG, the safety of this aircraft is outstanding. The Diamond engineers encouraged me to fly it ‘on the edge’ to see how it handled”. It coped admirably and all the manoeuvres were both easy to perform and safely executed.”

In fact, Henrik and Chris were so impressed with the plane, as soon as they’d landed, they went in to order a new DA50RG demonstrator, which will be delivered to the UK in the spring of 2021. We’re hoping to have access to an earlier factory demonstrator sooner.  Customers who have registered an interest with Gemstone will be contacted as soon as we have a demonstrator available.

If you would like to talk to Chris and Henrik about the DA50RG and their thoughts about flying one,  you are welcome to call them.

Chris:  +44 7768 472 654    or    Henrik: +44 7771 900 198

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