Diamond Aircraft DA62

DA62 at a glance

The all new DA62 fills the gap between high performance single pistons and entry level turboprops. With a spacious cabin, offering optional three row seven passenger seating, excellent payload and exceptionally low fuel burn, the DA62 is best described as a flying luxury SUV.

The DA62 represents the ultimate development of Diamond’s piston aircraft line up, incorporating decades of experience in certified composite airplane construction, safety, jet fuel piston powerplants and advanced avionics integration.

The DA62 will impress pilots looking for more seats and utility, as well as charter operators and corporate flight departments wanting to complement their larger aircraft with a low cost alternative for shorter trips.


7 seats, three-row seating ▪ Excellent cabin access ▪ Luxurious leather interior ▪ G1000 NXi, GFC700 3-axis & yaw damper ▪ Twin 180hp jet fuel AE330 engines ▪ High fuel efficiency ▪ Superb performance in all phases of flight ▪ TKS known ice protection (FIKI)

DA62 Specification

Power Plant
Engine 2 x Austro Engine AE 3300 turbocharged common-rail injected 2.0 liter jet fuel engine with 180 HP and EECU single lever control system
Propeller 2x MT propeller MTV-6-R-C-F/CF 194-80 3-blade constant speed propeller
Fuel Grades Jet A-1, Jet A, TS-1 (Russia, Ukraine), RT (Russia, Ukraine), No. 3 Jet Fuel (China), JP-8
Length 9.19 m
Height 2.82 m
Wingspan 14.55 m
Seats 7
Empty Weight 1,590 kg
Useful Load 710 kg
Max. take-off mass 2,300 kg
Fuel Capacity 326 lt / 261 kg
- main tank 189 lt / 151 kg
- auxiliary tank 137 lt / 110 kg
Max. Speed (14,000ft, MCP 352 km/h TAS 190 kts TAS
Max. speed at typical configuration 372 km/h TAS 201 kts TAS
Cruise Speed at 75% (12,000ft) 317 km/h TAS 171 kts TAS
Max. rate of Climb (MSL) 5.2 m/s 1,029 ft/min
Max. range (incl. Aux tank) 2,376 km 1,283 nm
Fuel Consumption at 80-% (12,000ft) 44.7 lt/hr 11.8 US gal/hr
Take-off performance (MSL ground roll/landing distance) 480 m / 883 m 1,574 ft / 2,897 ft
Certified service ceiling 6,096 m 20,000 ft
Single engine service ceiling 3,962 m 13,000 ft
Max. demonstrated crosswind 46 km/h 25 kts

Advanced Avionics

The fully integrated Garmin G1000NXi flight deck with standard 3-axis GFC700 Automated Flight Control System and yaw damper and Electronic Stability and Protection, is complemented by a long list of avionics options to perfectly suit your mission. Integrated weather radar, normally available only on much more expensive aircraft, is available as are Traffic Alerting, Synthetic Vision, and much more. The Line Replaceable Units (LRU’s) are located in a dedicated and externally accessible forward avionics bay, for ease of maintenance and trouble shooting.

Easy Programming

The Garmin GCU 476 alphanumeric keypad is an available option in the DA62. It makes programming the G1000 NXi easier than ever!

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Henrik is Director, Sales and Demonstrations. He has worked with Diamond Aircraft UK for 10 years and has more than 40 years experience in GA and Business Aviation.

Chris is Director, Operations and Marketing. He was co-founder of DEA Aviation Ltd which is an AOC operator and has part 145 maintenance of Diamond Aircraft. He has been an owner and pilot of a Diamond Aircraft since 1995.